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When the festive season arrives, children sparkle all over because it’s what they’ve been waiting for all year. That’s because during the holidays, there’s food, new toys and thousands of activities they can’t normally do.

Christmas: Christmas is a Christian holiday when most countries celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s a holiday where family and children are at the forefront. It’s also a celebration of sharing and reunion. Children decorate the tree with garlands, snowballs, figurines and, above all, the Christmas star. They also write letters to Santa, asking him what they want as presents. On D-Day, the morning of December 25, they enthusiastically discover Santa’s gifts.

Halloween parties: Children love Halloween parties because it’s a time of year when they can dress up as they please. They express their imaginations and invent the most original disguises. The most fun of all Halloween activities is ringing the doorbell at every house in the neighborhood, asking for candy and saying the magic words “Trick or treat!

Easter: What makes Easter so much fun? Of course it’s an egg hunt. On Easter morning, the children gather in the local park and start hunting for chocolate eggs. What better way to keep those little ones happy than with sweets?

Halloween, Christmas and Easter are not children’s favorite holidays for nothing. During these times of year, they have fun, eat and meet up with their neighborhood friends. Get them into the holiday spirit early with free printable holiday coloring pages.