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Apart from cartoons, films are also part of children’s TV programming. There’s something for everyone: science fiction, fantasy, adventure and, above all, superhero movies.

Sci-fi movies are all about aliens, time travel and, above all, life in the future. The most popular of all science-fiction films is undoubtedly Star Wars. This is the story of a civil war raging in a distant galaxy. It pits the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance. When Princess Leia Organa is captured by Darth Vader, she instructs her droid to hand over the plans for the Death Star space station to the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In the fantasy film category, the classic Harry Potter is the children’s favorite. From the age of 5, they’re already dreaming of entering the magical world of Hogwarts. Harry Potter tells the fantastic story of Harry, a young orphan boy and wizard who ends up staying with his aunt. When he grew up, he entered the famous school for wizards: Hogwarts.

What child doesn’t know Spider Man? The New York superhero who was bitten by a spider. This is the story of Peter Parker, a young orphan who lives with his Aunt and Uncle after the death of his parents. When his uncle dies following an interaction with a thief, Peter Parker feels responsible and decides to become New York’s vigilante.

These films are just a few examples of what your children could be watching, but there are many more. For example, you can play Wolverine, Iron Man, the Hulk or Disney films such as The Wizards of Waverly Place. What’s more, these films are available as coloring pages, which you can print out free of charge on our page.