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A character is the embodiment of an individual (real or fictional) in a story, novel, comic strip, theater, cartoon, film or video game. So, of all the characters made famous by fairy tales and books, some actually existed, while others were purely invented. Character traits can be defined according to seven archetypes:

The hero: He drives the adventure forward, progressing throughout the story from weakness to strength, from ignorance to knowledge, from imprudence to safety. We call him both instigator (the one who spurs the action) and protagonist (the one who fights the bad guys). Examples: The Little Mermaid, D’Artagnan le Mousquetaire du Roi, Spiderman, The Flash.
The shadow: At the opposite end of the spectrum from the hero is the antagonist (or villain). Example: Darth Vader in Star Wars, Lex Luthor in Superman.
The mentor: Older, more experienced and more reasonable than the hero and his acolytes, he passes on all his knowledge and often prepares them to face a thousand dangers and perils. For example: Robin in Batman & Robin Aventures, Splinter the Sensei of the 4 Ninja Turtles.
Guardian of the threshold: In league with the villain, he opposes the heroes and his acolytes. Example: The one-eyed man in The Three Musketeers under the orders of Cardinal de Richelieu.
Announcers: Companions of the hero, they follow and support him: Aramis, Athos and Porthos support d’Artagnan. Shiryu, Ikki, Shun and Hyôga in the Knights of the Zodiac accompany Seiya of Pegasus in all his battles to deliver the goddess Athena.
Metamorph: Clever and deceptive, this character acts as an obstacle, siding with the antagonist. Example: Mystic joins Magneto’s team in Marvel to fight the X-Men.
Ludion: This character is used to entertain. Example: Olaf in Snow Queen, Timon and Pumba in Lion King.

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