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Elsa coloring pages

Elsa is the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle in Disney’s animated Snow Queen.

Endowed with magical powers, she can transform any object into ice and even make snow. Unfortunately, one day, an incident turns his life upside down. In fact, she accidentally dropped a piece of ice on her sister Anna’s head. An unintentional act that cost her her freedom for several years, during which she remained isolated in her room. Then, one day, she is crowned Queen of Arendelle after the death of their parents. On the day of the ceremony, she gets angry with her sister Anna when she decides to marry Hans, a man she’s just met. In the process, she threw ice picks and fled the palace, freezing everything in her path. She reaches the mountain and builds a magnificent ice castle. She discovers the freedom and happiness of being herself and living without fear. However, the love of his sister Anna opened his eyes to his true nature, enabling him to accept himself and master his powers.

If your child is a fan of magic, ice and snow, print our wide selection of free Elsa coloring pages.

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